TeamSpeak 5.0.0-beta43

Beta 43 just got uploaded into the closed beta channel.

New in that version is that you can set an avatar for each status from our chat.
The location hasn’t changed. You still find it under the Settings -> Account -> next to your myTS name.

Let us explain how each status in combination with or withour avatar will behave


  • Does replace the old avatar mechanism from previous versions
  • Will be shown in chat, forum and on server (unless a server avatar is set)
  • If none has been set here, but in one of the other statuses, one of the other status avatar will be used instead.

Away , Do not Disturb and Offline

  • Will be shown in chat only
  • If none was set for the status but available has one then you see this instead


  • This avatar will be shown when you are offline or have status invisible

The Changelog

  • Allow setting individual avatars per status (online, away etc)
  • Fix crash on Linux when opening dialogs
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes


  • File Dialogs may not work on some Linux distributions

Also known issues:

  • Events trigger “Error loading chat: Scrollback twice with same id!” when you open chats or scroll up
  • The menu where you set a status will not show the set avatar. There you will see a default icon

Notes for this thread

  • Feedback for this release is always welcome :smiley:
  • We suggest to place wishes for upcoming releases in existing or new threads in the suggestion area instead of the release thread. This one will be closed after some days and the wish or suggestion will be lost.
  • We allow ourself to delete all the off-topic posts from this thread.

Rather small update (in regard to most), but with very nice feature that I think will be used quite frequently.

Keep up your good work.

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Nice, it fixed the crash on Linux…although I can’t select avatar. Oh well, I hope it will be fixed in the future.

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For saying that this update will contain something new, this is very small to be honest. Hopefully there will be more within the next update


Nice update :smiley:

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Cool Avatar function, keep it up :smiley:

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i got today access to TS5 and the client is on beta40 -> Checking for Updates = TeamSpeak is up-to-date is this normal?

I found the issue, was blocked, and * now on whitelist and all works fine

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No. Because we have beta 43 in the update channel.
I guess you can not reach our services where client requests the update from.


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