TeamSpeak 5.0.0-beta50

A new update was pushed into the beta channel.

This version adds the file browser back into the client and gives the client the ability back to upload and manage files on the server.
We added a lot already but are still working on file transfers. So you can expect more in next updates.

Even if this is till work in progress don’t hesitate to give us feedback :smiley:

This is how it looks

With enough permissions you should see following on channels info path.

  • On channel info you find that icon (see my mouse pointer) to access the manager.

  • This is how the file browser while a folder was open. In address bar you can click to get back to root or parent folder.
    On Top you see what files are selected or how many transfers are active or finished or if there was an error (the error icon is hidden as long there is no error).

  • By clicking here (see my mouse pointer) you get to the Network & Transfers monitor.

  • There you can see active or finished transfers for all connections or current server or just the channel.

The current upload and download bandwith was also added to the connection info status.


* Added ability to view, upload and manage files on TeamSpeak servers
* UI tweaks for ban list, privilege keys and server log
* New icons for discovery and whisper history

##### Information

* Filetransfer is work in progress. Usability improvements and minor features will follow in the next updates. Please report issues you find.

Notes for this thread

  • Feedback as per always is always welcome in this thread :smiley: . Issues that are not related to this update belong to it’s own thread.
  • We suggest to place wishes for upcoming releases in existing or new threads in the suggestion area instead of the release thread. We mention this because each update post will be closed after some days and the wish or suggestion could be lost.
  • We allow ourselves to delete all the off-topic posts from this thread.

Perfect :ok_hand:

First of all I have to say that I am happy about the integration of the new file system in general, BUT I want to share some questions and my opinion about it:

  • Why did you choose this position for your Upload and Create Folder button instead the old planned one?

  • Although the Network and Transfers Overlay has a lot of nice features, it is placed at the wrong place in my opinion. Why does it have to go over the main interface? You could also take it (like at steam) above the file overview.

  • Because of the new selected background color it looks like it doesn’t fit into the client. You could have significantly more space when you take over the old design that we could see before beta50.

Also did you hire a new UI-Designer?
Because almost everything doesn’t look like the release client.
What’s for example with the gray button background? We could see here image and before beta 50 in the file browser section. Without it the buttons look weird in my opinion.

I know that especially the points regarding the design are just my opinion, but I still don’t unterstand the

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The grey button is also noticeable on the whisper history. It looks kinda weird. The other Icons are in my opinion fine

  • That was already requested internally and will most likely be moved to the top bar
  • One reason against putting it above, is space. IMHO The file browser should be a file browser first and foremost. Dedicating space to the net graphs if they are uninteresting to most users, or even not needed when they don’t transfer anything and just browse, would result in wasted space. Additionally, when the client is rather slim (vertically and/or horizontally), the dedicated part would take valuable space from the core feature - file browsing.
  • Please elaborate further. I tested without any background color, but it didn’t seem “right” to me.

All these points are just my personal 2 cents :slight_smile:


Dialogs don’t open on Linux, therefore I can’t upload anything, or download if the “Always ask for download location” setting is enabled in behavior settings.

To be more specific, nothing happens when pressing the “Upload” button, or when trying to change the directory in Behavior settings. There’s no error in the client or the logs.


We are aware of that dialogs do not open on Linux. This has nothing to do directly with that version.


Before anything, thanks for all your work !

Now the little bug !

When i use FIletransfer everything work well except for the download. When i download in the folder that i have selected in the option, i encounter an encoding bug in the folder name. My folder point to D:\Téléchargement in Windows 10 (20H2 19042.928 FR) and TS5 create a folder with this name D:\Téléchargements.

Thank for your time and have a nice day !



Thanks. Can reproduce this.


The encoding bug is creating warnings in the instance log.
Even if there’s no special character in the folder or file name.

2021-04-21 17:43:15.685895|WARNING |FileListManager|   |Could not encode local filename to utf8
2021-04-21 17:43:22.256649|INFO    |VirtualServerBase|1  |file download from (id:34), '/Wieselflink/biceps.png' by client 'FakE'(id:3)
2021-04-21 17:43:25.598618|INFO    |VirtualServerBase|1  |file download from (id:34), '/Wieselflink/biceps.png' by client 'FakE'(id:3)
2021-04-21 17:43:26.831085|INFO    |VirtualServerBase|1  |file download from (id:34), '/Wieselflink/biceps.png' by client 'FakE'(id:3)
2021-04-21 17:43:27.358655|INFO    |VirtualServerBase|1  |file download from (id:34), '/Wieselflink/biceps.png' by client 'FakE'(id:3)
2021-04-21 17:43:28.182728|INFO    |VirtualServerBase|1  |file download from (id:34), '/Wieselflink/biceps.png' by client 'FakE'(id:3)
2021-04-21 17:43:49.962653|WARNING |FileListManager|   |Could not encode local filename to utf8
2021-04-21 17:43:57.102105|WARNING |FileListManager|   |Could not encode local filename to utf8
2021-04-21 17:44:00.773687|INFO    |VirtualServerBase|1  |file download from (id:34), '/Wieselflink/0118.png' by client 'FakE'(id:3)

Another very uncomfortable issue is the missing feedback if you actually double click a file to download it.
I didn’t even get it got downloaded already in the first place which made me click 5 times on it.
(as you can see in the logs)

Haven’t checked the server logs so far :thinking: did not see a reason yet, but will do tomorrow.
Edit: Got nothing like that in my logs with beta 50 downloads or with fixed client (unreleased b51).

The experience for your second issue may change in next beta.
The file transfer info dialog was changed and there is a small version on top of the browser with active, finished or failed transfers.


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