TeamSpeak 5.0.0-beta54.x

Hello everyone!

Beta version 54 is now available to test! This week we fixed some bugs that were reported by the TS community and added a few new things for everyone to try out.

Hopefully the changelog and extra notes should explain the update well enough.

Full changelog


Beta 54.1

  • Fixed possible crash when remote apps setting is active

Beta 54

  • Fixed server links not behaving correctly with some input
  • Fixed connecting indefinitely when using a privilege key on connect
  • Fixed bans not being created / no error being shown when user left server
  • Fixed whisper notifications appearing on every server rather than the server on which they happened


  • Added sound when receiving a whisper
  • Added context menu to user name on join, leave, kick and ban messages
  • Added notification center to the bell icon
  • Added ability for third party applications to be notified of TeamSpeak events
  • Changed default view to chat when selecting a channel

Remote application information

Information received by remote apps contain information regarding clients. These are currently numbers represented as a string, which correspond to the ClientProperties Enum.
The plan is to change this and make those keys descriptive strings rather than “10” for example.

Third party applications need to establish a connection and then send an authentication request as follows:

    type: 'auth';
    payload: {
        identifier: string; // com.myself.myapp
        version: string; // SemVer
        name: string; // Display name for UI
        description: string;
        content: {apiKey: string;};

The user will then need to authorize the remote application in the settings before the application can receive any events.
Once the user has authorized the application, said application will start receiving events through its connection.

The remote application will receive the following response once it has been authorized. For future connections the application will need to send the authorization request with the apiKey set to the one received in the reply to the latest authorization request.

Authorization reply:

    type: 'auth';
    payload: {
        apiKey: string;

Notes for this thread

  • Feedback as per always is welcome in this thread :smiley: . Issues that are not related to this update belong to it’s own thread.
  • We suggest to place your wishes for upcoming releases in existing or new threads in the suggestion area instead of the release thread. We mention this because each update post will be closed after some days and the wish or suggestion could be lost.
  • We allow ourselves to delete all the off-topic posts from this thread.

Nice Update, can you add the Chat Bugs to your List to?
The Client is lagging and bugging at my PC very hard if i switch “Group Chats”


Since the update Teamspeak crashes as soon as I join a specific server. Other servers work fine. Is there a crash dump created somewhere that I can share with you?


Is there a tutorial about writing such third party apps?


Can you share that server to me?

Crashdumps on Windows are located under
%LocalAppData%\TeamSpeak\User Data\Crashpad\reports


Address to connect: maschinetv

Unfortunately, the directory “%LocalAppData%\TeamSpeak\User Data\Crashpad\reports” is empty.

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Heyy, you now the Date when the Update comes, in which color codes get translated, this is all i wish, my bot looks so terrible with this xD

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Works for us.

Can you test something?

  1. Create a new identity
  2. Edit or create bookmark for this server
  3. In that bookmark you set the new identity
  4. Connect to that bookmark

I disconnected from Twitch and can now join the server again. When joining, the Twitch integration assigned a role. Probably this causes the crash.


We will evaluate this. Thank you.



i can start teamspeak 5, however there is a specific server when i join it just crashes, while for other they can still see me for a couple of seconds in channel, before i lost connection.

however app crashes immediately for me so i cant even see it. everything was fine until the latest update. literally was using it 5 mins before and then update and boom

can i revert updates? where can i find client logs for you guys to check?

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On Windows you find the logs and crash dump under:

%LOCALAPPDATA%\TeamSpeak\User Data\Crashpad\reports %LOCALAPPDATA%\TeamSpeak\Logs\Default

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Disconnect Twitch from your account when Twitch is linked to your account. Till we send out the next update.

This can be done here


great you are getting better and better :slight_smile: thank you for the pleasant communication

This has been fixed with beta54.1
Thanks for the report.


are there any more information about Remote Apps? Is this feature complete or is it just the UI?
I was experimenting with connecting to the WebSocket and sending an auth payload as described with simple JavaScript code but I got no response or action from the client.

However, when I sent anything that does not match the schema (for example apiKey was null) the client crashed with a validation error in the console. So I expect that some logic for this is already implemented.

Also, this behavior of crashing the client on invalid input is kinda wild, I completely understand that this is just some temporary development behavior but it’s funny to have a one-liner that you can run from any site in a browser that will kill the teamspeak client. :smiley:

Is there anything wrong with my example of sending the auth payload? Did anyone manage to make this work? Can someone maybe provide an example of a simple implementation of the client?


Yee you right if I send any Content I get a Abnormal Closure…

I think the Protocol is no JSON Format, if you use the given as plain text nothing close, but no App Request to.


are remote apps effectively going to be the system for plugins?

No. Remote apps are to TS5 what client query was to TS3.

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