TeamSpeak 5.0.0-beta61.x

Win10 just closed my Teamspeak 5 client, I poked someone on my ts3 Server and propably got a poke back. (Newest Update)


Can’t start TS5 anymore, only action I could take was remove or quarantine…

After today’s update Windows defender detects Trojan Horse script and prevents program to run.

The rollout of beta61.1 has been stopped for now, while we wait for Microsoft to respond.


this is the message from my windows: Trojan:Script/Wacatac.B!ml

is this safe?

Yes TeamSpeak itself its safe. :slight_smile:

Hello, with ESET Smart Security Premium no problem

Hi Guys,

i startet a Game and my Win Defender mean to Block TS5.exe because its a Trojan…
Installed today the beta 61.1 yesterday with beta 61 works everything fine.
Checked Windows Update for newest Defender Version.
Now trying to reinstall, cuz i give access back, it should not block it back again.

I have Win 10 Pro x64 (21H1 Build 19043.1165)defender info ts5 crash

Pictures may in German :slight_smile:

I hope an Update will come fast for this problem…


watch this Post:

oh wtf. read the first one, and plop it switched, cuz you edited your post xD

Yeah i should learn to use the scroll wheel :slight_smile: Thanks

Looks like that windows defender virus detection issue is already reported cheers!

Put your Virus Warning into quarantine or allow on PC.

Then wait a bit, and you can start the Client, not optimal but the Team is working on a fix.

Can someone give me an installer for older version? I uninstalled teamspeak, installed it back and I am still on b61.1, I really don’t wanna mess with it in the middle of game…

@RadOo_CZ-69 try playing with teamspeak 3 while the problem is being solved :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

well no picture support here with global messaging
well global chat support in ts3 would be a really nice touch for people having issues 24/7
Download b59 from there and then update to beta61.

Beta 61.1 won’t be downloaded with the updater.

@RadOo_CZ-69 please make sure you overwrite right files. Or delete the client before installing the old one.


After the latest update for TS5, It no longer opening flagging on my window defender as that it was a virus.

Please read this:

Link is wrong.

Note: I placed some text in the main post.


got it fixed as you can see in Beta test chat in teamspeak

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