TeamSpeak 5.0.0-beta61.x

Hey ho everyone!

Today we released version beta 61 into your closed beta channel.
This update adds the Icon Manager into the client.

A guide for the feature can be found below the change log and known section.



*  Fixed not being able to edit some channel properties


* Added ability to upload, view, delete and assign icons
* Fixed context menu not opening in some situations
* Fixed renaming yourself to an already used nickname not giving an error
* Fixed some icons not being displayed in the UI
* Fixed channel icons not being displayed in the info view
* Fixed a potential issue setting some permissions
* Fixed context menu remaining open after deleting a channel


  • Server group and channel group icons can’t be removed yet.
  • Server icon is still shown when the icon was removed (this is an old issue)
  • Server name does change to custom bookmark name when an server icon was set or removed (this is an old issue)

Let us give you some details that may become handy for the icon manager

  • When you have the permission to manage icons (b_icon_manage) then you now have the ability to set server, client, group and channel icons or to upload and delete icons.
    Uploading will only work in case you have the permissions and file transfer is enabled in general on your server.

  • You can find the main Icon Manager in the server info by clicking the icon image that looks like a picture frame.
    There also smaller versions of Icon Manager available when you set a client or channel icon as an example.

In the main Icon Manager you have following functions

  • Upload icons image . This one will appear in all dialogs where you can set an icon.
  • Set the icon for the server, channel, channel groups, server groups with a right click on target icon.
  • Set the client icon (only for those clients you see in the server tree) with a right click on target icon. You will get a list with these clients.
  • Remove the current server icon. The image icon appears on top when there is an icon set
  • Delete the icon you clicked with right mouse button.

Client icons for all users can be set or removed In the client list image.

  • Do a right click on target client and select “Choose Client Icon”.
  • The image removes the icon from client

Channel icons can be set or removed in the channel edit dialog (clicking the pen on top)
In there you will find another pen on the big hexagon icon.
They will only apply by pressing the apply button on top

Notes for this thread

  • Feedback as per always is welcome in this thread :slight_smile:. Issues that are not related to this update belong to it’s own thread.
  • We suggest to place your wishes for upcoming releases in existing or new threads in the suggestion area instead of the release thread. We mention this because each update post will be closed after some days and the wish or suggestion could be lost.
  • We allow ourselves to delete all the off-topic posts from this thread.

Nice to have the ability to manage icons, but i’d prefer it to have an option on each client/channel/group to add icons. It’s not really handy to use the current system on a large ts server with hundrets of ppl connected.

Edit: An Entry in context menus management section “Edit Icon” or sth. like that would be brilliant. (on each client/channel)

bandicam 2021-08-11 14-40-57-656

I’m disappointed by the update, 1, the one with the icons at the top of the bar doesn’t look good and then with the picture frame, I would have a better suggestion if you right-click on the server where the list comes in reiter makes where are icons where you get to the icon menu, and 2, I think it’s a shame that only such small updates come, where most things are still fixed because I would like you to take more time and much more inside makes, therefore sadly easy how it currently looks with the updates.

You can use the client list in case. There you can search for the users and you can add or remove icons. No matter if they are online or offline.


  1. We decided against the context menu entry to ensure that the list is not overloaded.


  1. We appreciate your feedback.
    But please remember we are just a small team. Some of the updates may be small but we want to ensure that we deliver regular updates. Which is important to us.

I’d actually love tho have this option from client list in the servertree aswell. :slight_smile:
To have it in client list may be a small workaround for large servers.

Hi. I’ve just seen the uptade so I open up my Mac to see if i works and it’s not even opening up

What do you mean with it's not opening up?
More details please?

Client and the icon manager are working here so i do not know what you mean.


As you can see on my gif, you currently can’t change the channel codec with the client version 5.0.0-beta61. The same bug also appears when changing the channel quality.


I can confirm and reproduce this bug.


I can conform that. This was broken in b59 and fine in beta 60 and is back :flushed:
Edit -> Only setting icon works for now.

Thank you for the report


We pushed out an update to fix the issue with channel edit.

The changelog was updated in post #1


TeamSpeak has been recognized as a virus since the new update 61.1.

Please fix that


Is it clear, that is it not a virus (could be that Teamspeak update Servers are Infected)?

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That’s false alert.
We are investigating why this happens for some users. But for now all looks fine.

Same when the binary was tested with other tools.


So everything is fine and I can reinstall?

Make sure Windows Defender is up to date.
There was an update this week and you may not have it yet.

Else you need to allow the process.


I think it could be this Update (KB5004342). I try it and come again with my result later

Are you using a Windows 11 preview??
This could explain a lot why it is fine here.


Yep. But this can´t be the reason. A friend uses Win 10 and has the same Problem :confused: Even after Update it´s detected as a virus. i checked it to with virustotal ( Nothing

Yep, on my side too. It cannot be starting. It seems like a virus or something else.

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