TeamSpeak 5.0.0-beta76

Beta 76 is alive :jack_o_lantern:

This Update improves loading of group chats members, adds a new design and functions for the Dashboard and includes several bug fixes.

This update also added :ru: Russian and :fr: French translation.
A big thank you to YOU (The Community).

Here is the full changelog

* Added multiple translations to missed areas (Jump To, Reply in Quick Actions, ...)
* Added lazy loading of group chat members
* Added collapsible tabs in the sidebar
* Added hardware mute status to the mute buttons in the activities area, which now activate the microphone
* Improved performance of the member list of chats
* Changed the dashboard styling and widgets
* Fixed cache path being incorrect
* Fixed multi-selection of clients not working in some cases when sorting client before sub-channels
* Fixed inconsistencies and missed features in the changelog for beta75
* Fixed priority speaker icon being too small
* Fixed input field being available for archived chats
* Fixed appearance settings not loading correctly when the system language is not German or English
* Fixed not being able to close settings when no audio devices are present
* Fixed selection not selecting every message when attempting to select very quickly 
* Fixed imprecise Chromium version in about dialog
* Fixed incorrect spacing when auto-resize of the activity section is enabled
* Fixed incorrect group being selected in emoji picker
* Fixed feature description being truncated when no users are ignored
* Fixed blank screen when banned by the server rather than a client
* Fixed server tab closing when selecting another activity after having been kicked/banned
* Fixed custom category for contacts not being saved correctly in all cases
* Fixed adding a hotkey for a whisper list not working in non-english translations
* Fixed filename being the file-contents when pasting an image using the contextmenu
* Fixed icon for the running application missing in the task bar on some Linux distributions
* Fixed collapsing/expanding replies leaving empty space behind
* Fixed URL containing brackets not being parsed correctly
* Fixed message attachments not being rendered properly in chat-search in some cases
* Fixed not being able to paste into several input fields via context-menu
* Fixed pasting via shortcut not using the correct filename

Notes for this thread

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  • We suggest to place your wishes for upcoming releases in existing or new threads in the suggestion area instead of the release thread. We mention this because each update post will be closed after some days and the wish or suggestion could be lost.
  • We allow ourselves to delete all the off-topic posts from this thread.

Thanks for the great Update.
And the Chance to contribute the Client Language. :fr:
It is nice to see the work in the Client again. :smiley:

And a BIG THANK YOU to the TeamSpeak Staff,
for allowing the Community to contribute to the Client. :slight_smile: