TeamSpeak 5 Audio suggestion

I’m currently testing TeamSpeak 5 with my buddy, we both have studio quality microphones and interfaces to go along with them.

My microphone is a RØDE NT1 and the audio interface is a RØDE AI-1.
It takes a mono signal to the PC and it also shows up as a signle channel microphone in Windows.
However even while the setup is indeed single channel (mono input) it works on TeamSpeak 3 and 5.

My friend’s setup is quite similar, he has the same microphone RØDE NT1 and the interface is a bit different it is a M-Audio FastTrack MKII.

It allows to capture stereo signal via the XLR port, and the capture device (microphone)
shows as a dual channel stereo input, however it is still mono and this results in the audio only to be heard from the left ear in TeamSpeak 3 and 5.

Teamspeak 3 has a setting to circumvent this problem. I can make my friends microphone sound normal in TeamSpeak 3 by going to the settings.

Tools >Options >Playback.
And from a small’ish menu you need to enable "Always set clients 3D positions when available"

That setting will fix the mono issue on TeamSpeak 3, but this feature is not in TeamSpeak 5.

So me and a couple of my friends who appreciate the audio quality of TeamSpeak would love to see an feature update where we could possibly control individual audio channels of input devices.
For example to copy mono signal to stereo in a more sensible and clearer way.

I will post some images as attachements to maybe better help understand what’s going on.

Also, I have made an support ticket regarding this but I couldn’t actually find a TeamSpeak 5 suggestion / bug reporting section so I’m posting this here.