Teamspeak 5 Beta Bug-Report BBcode not working, channel commander not shown

(HTML?) Tags missing, (image:
Channel Commander feature missing aswell. (image: image from the bots side:

I have no idea where I should report bugs/missing features, so I’m posting it here, Cheers and Merry Christmas to all of you! (too soon, ik.)

Teamspeak 5.0.0-beta35. (Windows, of course.)

This feature was intentionally removed from TS 5 and will most likely not return.
(Instead you can use Markdown)

Is not yet implemented, if it’s planned it will come.

Alright, I thought it’s a bug; I wasn’t using Teamspeak actively for something like a month. Had a little break from computer and stuff.

Teamspeak 5 is based on Matrix, which uses a subset of HTML for formatting instead.

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