TeamSpeak 5 Beta Recovery Key Issue

I was trying to make a new recovery key from my teamspeak 5 client, it got bugged out by not showing the generated key. Hence i couldn’t copy the key to a save file.
when i reopened ts5 it wanted me to enter the key, i had no choice except to restore without key. i had auto sync enabled, kindly help me get my save back. Also i never did reset my account for password.

I have ts3, ts5 & mobile (paid version android). It forces user with new recovery key whenever different clients are used when having same account logged in.

Hereby attached video recording of the issue, ignore the bad quality.

Thanks & Regards

Can reproduce the part where no key is shown. This is a bug

But can not where the TS3 client asks for a key.
The key you enter there is wrong after you request a new one in any client. So you need a new key first (the one the ts5 client did not show you).

The only explanation for TS3 asking for key is the account encryption is broken or a password reset took place here.


Yes exactly, thanks for the response.
TS5 was my daily driver until it decided to break for me, so i had to switch to older ts3 to continue my communication. If the key had shown up properly i wouldn’t have lost my data, any how its a bad bug that has to be notified to the support team. i dont have any hopes of getting back my synced data coz i know its not possible. Also i dint reset my password just that client encryption broke. it always asks me to enter recovery key when i switch clients & reason i used invalid key is because i thought it was some new auto copy feature where its present on ur clipboard without showing(overthinking).

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