TeamSpeak 5 Bug "channel chat messages not shown"

Hi there.

Currently whilst using the TeamSpeak 5 Beta i have a very intermittent issue with the Chat feature within channels on a server.

Unfortunately it is really hard to replicate on the spot and it happens at really random times.

When typing in a channel chat, it will send the first message that you type and press enter, and then when you type another message and press enter, it will make the sent sound (click sound), but there is no message at all. The way the messages can be seen is if you move channels or disconnect and reconnect to the server.

I am really sorry i cant get footage of this. But it seems to happen really intermittently.

If anyone wants to ask questions then please do feel free and i will be happy to answer them.



Your description is fine. We know about this bug and will fix it :+1:


Is this the same bug, if I can’t see messages on a channel (on ts3 Server) others write? Seems like the first view I get, everything else just doesn’t show, but the sound plays.


This bug is still a thing, got into beta today and i am experiencing the same issue.

He confirmed to this day that the problem remains.

Does this still occur? I can’t see my own or other people’s chat messages in my channel…