TeamSpeak 5 Client trying to move homebase to same target

His problem is a homebase move that should not happen because source and target are the same.
But can not say more till i can talk with IT tomorrow.


No, I do not use VPN.

source and target are the same. What exactly do you mean here?

The client thought it should change the homebase (the chat server that the client uses) but the homebase and the homebase it wants to connect to are the same so it thinks you’ll changing the chat server when you acutally are not changing it.


We can not see why your client tries to move it’s homebase.

Can you please do following in order?

  1. Clear your homebase.
    Enter Dev into Client’s search bar and you will find Developers tools.
    Scroll down and press the Clear homebase button.

  2. Close the client and Rename or Delete the Default Folder in following paths:
    %LocalAppData%\TeamSpeak\User Data

  3. Start the client and go back into Developers tools and activate Debug in Log Level.

  4. Restart the client and set the myTS as homebase (in case Setup chat is there at the bottom).

  5. Zip all logs and share them to us.


Upload Files Easily | Fast File Upload and Sharing Up To 10GB I did what you said and sent you the log files.

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Can you please start the TS5 client and reset your myTS password and do a fallback while the client is running?

Why am i asking this?
Our guess is that your made password reset in the past and some data from client did not reach the synced data.

**We can reproduce this move that should not happen but in general the client recovers from that and just triggers a new creation and it works fine. **not exactly your case but logs look the same

Before you do the reset!

We looked into your account and you only seem to have 1 identity synced.
You may backup this identity first before you do the fallback.

We can not recover this identity, because it is encrypted and we do not have access to this data.


reset your myTS password and do a fallback. What did you mean here? Do I need to reset my myTeamspeak password?

Yes. Start the client and make sure that you are logged in and then visit Reset myTS password page and do the reset.
You must use a different password then the current one you use to login. Else your encrypted data does not get cleared. You can change the password afterwards.

But be aware that you loose that one mentioned identity!!!


The problem is solved for now. Thank you. I hope the username change system will come, I don’t like this username. You know sometimes we set a username and they use it in the Game it’s terrible


So did you reset your password some months ago?

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It’s possible. i don’t remember exactly