Teamspeak 5 colouring text not working

So as you can see in this image, the ts5 client doesn’t support colouring text. I don’t know whether or not this is a bug or intentional just thought I’d report it here on the forum.

Btw the colouring works in ts3


It’s intended behaviour of the client. Coloured text is not supported.


Do you know whether or not there will be support for it? (I am a bit out of the loop when it comes to ts5)

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It’s not just color. BBCode in chats are not supported at all.


The whole “two different markup languages” thing is becoming more and more confusing especially since people will probably never move away from BBCode now that the new client “supports” it.

At this point, you may as well just add full BBCode support in the new client and offer Markdown as an alternative for those who prefer simplicity over being backwards compatible with good old TeamSpeak 3.

You could still deprecate BBCode later, but seeing that Markdown is missing things like <center> and colored text this would basically be a step backwards, feature-wise. Existing users are used to having the level of freedom that BBCode provides.

Take a look at Discourse. The forum software running this place actually supports

  • <b>bold</b> (HTML),
  • [b]bold[/b] (BBCode) and
  • **bold** (Markdown)

and users who know either of those markup languages will probably try to use them and realize that they all work (at least partially). That’s maximum usability right there.

So if you are going for usability with the new client, I suggest to take the time to do this properly by supporting at least BBCode and Markdown everywhere a user would expect it to work.

And even if the feature doesn’t make it into the beta right away, I think the final release should have it.