TeamSpeak 5 Docker Server upgrade

Any Ideas on how to upgrade my current TeamSpeak 5 Server via a script without wiping all data on it? My situation right now is that I have a TeamSpeak 5 Docker Server with version v5.0.0-beta14-rc16
and I can’t upgrade it without deleting the old server. Docs on how to not even exist or are not helpful. ty

btw: the post was created by a suggestion from a dev

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Might this be because there is no newer version available? Hint: There isn’t.

Apart from that, upgrading depends heavily on how you run the server. If you use the default docker-compose provided by the repo, you only need to run docker compose down, pull the latest version of the repo, and run docker compose up -d. If however, you modified the compose file or run your own one, you need to update all the versions (and possibly other changes) the same way you initially did.
The server itself will remain functional, as long as you don’t delete the volumes.

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false. there is a newer version available if you are running an older rc version.

The latest branch is beta-58rc20 which contains the server version v5.0.0-beta14-rc16. This naming difference stems from a recent change in the naming conventions.

By the way you cant expact to everyone to know this. It would be nice if you could read it out from the docs. but ty.

Yes and no.

These are regular docker commands. They also may change from major Docker versions.