TeamSpeak 5 does not download server-hosted channel backgrounds, banners and images


I recently noticed that TeamSpeak 5 is not downloading channel backgrounds, banners and images in channel descriptions.

When the image is hosted on a internet website, it downloads normally. But, when the image is hosted on TeamSpeak’s server (using the program’s file hosting feature), it doesn’t load most of the time.

I don’t think it’s a problem with the server, because in TeamSpeak 3 both banners and channel description images load normally. I just couldn’t test if the channel background images were loading because this version doesn’t have this feature.

Example: TeamSpeak 3 showing the two images from the channel description, in which the first is a GIF (blurred for privacy reasons).

Example: TeamSpeak 5 showing only one (the GIF) of the two images from the channel description.

Analyzing the TeamSpeak 5 logs, I noticed that it gives an error when trying to save the images that don’t load:

I’ve tried clearing TeamSpeak 5’s cache, running it as an administrator, and even reinstalling it again, erasing the leftover folders in AppData. Even so, the problem persists.

I believe it is a bug, since in TeamSpeak 3 the problem does not occur.


Yes there are know issues when images use the ts3image scheme.
Sometimes images load and some do not.

We have that on our list.


Sure. I will host the images on a website while the problem is not fixed. Thanks for the answer!

Hosting them on external page, is best solution at the moment.
But in next client update (after version 68) this will be possible again.