TeamSpeak 5 "freezes" almost completely while trying to reconnect to chat services


At the time of writing this topic, TeamSpeak’s chat services are temporarily down. However, I noticed that in my client, while TeamSpeak tries to connect in the chat services (when my name in the lower left corner is replaced by “Connecting”) the client practically “freezes” - more specifically, I cannot enter any server, change channels, see client connection information, even see voice detection in TeamSpeak audio settings. However, I can still hear and talk to anyone on the voice channel I’m already connected to.

When the client stops trying to reconnect (displays “Disconnected” and a signal icon with a red bar) everything returns to normal. This shouldn’t happen, as self-hosted servers are independent of TeamSpeak’s chat services. I tested TeamSpeak 3 and, as expected, everything works normally. What can it be?


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That is already known and should be fixed with the next beta version. For now you just need to live with this situation :c

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Oh, I understand. No problem, from what I’ve tested so far I can use it without major problems after settling on a channel. Anything I can use TeamSpeak 3 until the fix is released. Thanks!

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Should be fixed in Beta 74. Sorry for the German Thread, but this is official Information.

This has been known for a very long time, when syncing, some “background processes” are stopped or not displayed correctly on the client.

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Teamspeak said that today is a downtime from 13:00 to 15:00 … now its 20:23 on a friday … in a primetime … I think the client is no longer usable until Monday. Of course good Job Teamspeak.


TeamSpeak’s chat services have been shut down for maintenance, and they are not supposed to interfere with anything on self-hosted servers. As other users have said, it’s a bug that is to be fixed in the next Beta release.

Chat Maintenance is over since Yesterday evening.

You can use your Client now, to use your Client when the Chat Server is Offline you can set a Homebase on another Server or wait until the Client stops reconnecting. (10-30mins i think)

TS_ChrisR announced a fix for this Problem with Matrix Chat and hanging Client UI in Beta 74 :wink:

The only question is when will the beta 74 come out :wink: