TeamSpeak 5 how to join directly to the server

Hey, on TeamSpeak 3 I had a direct link to join my server: “ts3server://IP here?port=port here” and it worked great, is there something similar on TeamSpeak5? Technically you can do it by creating an invite link to your server, but when you do this your browser will open up and then open your Teamspeak 5 which is annoying.

just do:

there is nothing else existing at the moment.

I don’t think there is such a thing, you only have invitations.

:cough: r/confidentlyincorrect

Just replace ts3server in the URL with teamspeak.
e.g. ts3server://*IP here*?port=*port here*teamspeak://*IP here*?port=*port here*

If I remember correctly, both TeamSpeak 3 and TeamSpeak 5 should be able to handle this protocol, while the last one installed has precedence.


I didn’t know that, I just checked it works :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

that is what I’m talking about, thanks dude, it works!