Teamspeak 5 Idea - Emoji Unicode as Icon

it would be great if you could use a Unicode emoji as a channel or group icon. That way you wouldn’t have to upload an icon and you can benefit from a huge selection. So you could choose to upload your own icon or use a Unicode emoji.


Interesting idea, what do people think?


Nice i like that :slight_smile:

I personally dislike it cuz that Emojis are not that “stylish” than “Pictures” you can upload.

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I think if it wouldn’t replace the icon system but expand it it’d be a really great addition

That was the idea behind it. Expand it with Unicode Emoji so that you can choose yourself if you want to upload or use an unicode emoji. :slight_smile:

I thought, perhaps to give an example, how big the variety of emojis already is.
List of Emoji that already exist (Wikipedia)