TeamSpeak 5 ignoring channel passwords after joining for the first time


I noticed that TeamSpeak 5 is ignoring the password of the channels that I already entered once. If I have never entered it, it asks for a password. If I ever sign in, it will save the password and automatically sign in even after restarting the app. This doesn’t happen in TeamSpeak 3, so I don’t think it’s a permissions issue.

I’m using TS5 Beta 72 in Windows 10.


The password isn’t ignored.
That’s intended and TS3 did the same (when save channel passwords was enabled).

Last known channel password will be re-used and only asked again when channel password was changed.


Oh, sure, sorry about that :sweat_smile:
However, is it possible to disable this feature in TeamSpeak 5? I only find this option in TeamSpeak 3.

Question: Why wouldn’t user want that always enabled instead of entering password each time?


Well, you got me with that one! It was more out of curiosity, but really no reason.

I understand if it’s about personal logins. Then there should definitely a way to forget the password or to logout.

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