Teamspeak 5 linux not able to set avatar

When trying to set an avatar on Linux just nothing happens. So no popup to search a picture in the file browser is opening. I am not sure if this was working in the past, but since a few versions I’m not able to set an avatar. Are there another people having the same issue?

System Information:
Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS GNOME 3.36.8 X11

This is a known problem since ~ beta23 (I think).

It has since not been addressed. But I was told that this problem comes from a dependency of TeamSpeak and thus is not up to the TS developers to be fixed.


Do you mean this error?

Also i have a question about icons limit TS3 to TS5.
There should be option in TS5 settings like you can set limit of displayed icons.
And this +5 looks bad :stuck_out_tongue: or maybe I am just blind and i dont see this option :wink:

Enter “Developer Tools” in the search bar. There is an option where you can set how many icons you want to see.

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So, I was blind, thank you. I had no idea about this option :slight_smile:

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