TeamSpeak 5 Linux Uploads

I’m using the linux client but I’m unable to upload files while my friends that are on windows are able to upload files just fine. I can still see the files, I can download them, and I can create folder structures in the files as well. I don’t know what logs to provide, but if needed please let me know where I can find them and I’ll happily provide.

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You can upload files but not pick them.
The file picker is disabled on Linux since beta 43 because of “upstream problems”.
So atm the only way to upload / send files or set an avat is by using drag and drop.


I still can’t upload the files, even when using the drag and drop. It just says that I’m attaching it to a message with a 5mb file limit.

Well then your file is bigger than 5 MB. You can only send files up to 5 MB on the myteamspeak chat server (currently the only available one for global chat).


I’m using my own dedicated server with an unrestricted file limit, and when I use windows I was able to upload a multi gigabyte file just fine, although the drag and drop still did not work there, I had to use the file picker.

I’ve figured out a solution, I’ll just use the scp command to transfer files to the server so that others can use them while I’m booted into my linux partition.

Drag and drop only supports only 5 MB, which should change in the future, but is currently the limit as it is not the same upload mechanism as the file picker.

I’m also unable to upload files or server icons via picker and drag and drop - which is especially bad since I’m testing the TeamSpeak 5 server which isn’t backwards compatible atm.