Teamspeak 5 my own server

So, a while ago i created a server on teamspeak 5(everyone with a betakey could create a server with 10 slots) so i had to reinstall my entire windows 10. So now i have the issue that i dont have server admin on my own server, i cant creat a new server either because that max limit is reached(1 free server per user).
Id like to either get my server admin back or it would be good if some Teamspeak support/teamspeak admin could help me with deleting the server, so i am able to create a new one:)
Hope someone will be able to help me her^^

Please get in touch with the support and they will do it for you. Send them as much details as you can to prove that you are the owner of that server.

Here in the Forum, we cant help you. Submit a Ticket and you are good. :slight_smile:

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Have you got two identities - usually this ‘error’ means you’re using a different identity from the one you did when you created it. If not, support can sort you out as Rikku says.


yea contacted them already gotta wait^^

Have you tried what @davinciTS wrote?

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Feel free to ask if you have any other Questions. :slight_smile:

idk how i can try that but i used only one email for myteamspeak, how can i find out?

Go to Settings -> Idnetities and check if there are multiple.
If yes I think you need to go to TS 3 to change the used one? (not sure)
I could find no way to change the identity used for this server in TS5 directly…


thanks alot, yes it was a second one and this helped me:)

this deffinitely helped me thanks alot^^

you can change it by clicking the “down-arrow” under setting-indentities-credentials