Teamspeak 5 ( Ohhh Dear TeamSpeak 5 )

Hello, two years ago i hear something abbout teamspeak 5 and was thinking : wow amazing, because i loved Teamspeak 3 it was my favorite client to are in relation with friends, but in 2020 i changed to discord (Yeah i know xD) Because when i heard the first time of a Beta to TS5 and that is free to register, i registred me imediatly but i never receive an E-Mail back. i Give up TS5 is in Beta 2 and a half years now, and not everyone can joint it and i dont know why it is still in Beta, i mean Beta 43 or something what is going on ??? i dont understand it. Thats it.

Ps : still waiting for Beta code 2 years now its 2021

Ps N°2 : i am pretty bad in English dont judge xD

Hello @SchaffzerMonster and welcome to the TeamSpeak Forum. I am so sorry to hear, that you are not in the current beta.

This Thread will answer all your questions do you have belong to the Closed Beta

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