TeamSpeak 5 Open Beta?

Hello, I’m just wondering when the open beta is likely to start because I’ve received a lot of messages from users on my Teamspeak server asking how they can get the Teamspeak 5 Client.


There isn’t currently a date. But I hope they release it at gamescom.

you just need to say they can get the ts5 on if they had a test badge :smiley:
its not your problem :smiley:
who has been interested in they registered beta for a long time and they got the keys.
who was not interested they can get the badge on ts social media pics and they can download the client :slight_smile:
so no problem :slight_smile:
if open beta date was becomes available i think all users and servers will know about this :smiley:
the problem is that anyone who hasn’t been interested in ts they crying now to try it.

I think it is actually time to turn the closed beta into an open beta phase … The beta phase will take around 2 years, as with TS3

Just give the (small) developer group of TeamSpeak a little more time to implement the key features into the new client people are missing.

Even if the design of TeamSpeak3 is getting old it still is the best VoIP solution (in my opinion).

what does it change if it is an open beta phase you can still work in peace, only that you can test it more

Open beta means more people. More people means more of the same bugs.

If 10 people sees the same bug and everyone of them writes to support, no problem, it’s only couple of minutes to read it.
If 1000 people would made this, it would take so much time that there would be no time to code or fix anything.

Ok, support team and dev team are two distinct teams, but they need to communicate with each other and if any of these teams have no time to spend on communication to the other team, we have a big problem.

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I assume the focus for the developers is to implement the key features (back) to the new client.
The feedback in this forum also lists a lot of bugs which will be fixed as well.

The “flood” of threads or feature wishes which are already announced by the staff anyways and support tickets via. mail etc. would be way higher if the BETA is open to the public.

I assume this would result in too much work to handle or coordinate for the as we heard small team.

Since TeamSpeak5 is far away to contain all the planned “key” features is doesn’t make sense to roll out the application to too much people. It’s nice to test the new/fixed stuff updates bring in but actually using the new client as daily app results in a lot of features you’re missing right now which forces you to use TeamSpeak3 again.

So… a little more patience doesn’t hurt.

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