TeamSpeak 5 overlays and plugins

I wonder

  • Are there plugins already for TS5?
  • Is there any overlay function for games compatible with TS5?

Let me know, I want my SoundBoard :smiley:


There’s also an external way to use Soundboard’s!^^
You can get here some more informations about plugins & more.

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I know, but I got comfortable with it. I wish to keep it if I can. That is why I asked

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For things like soundboard; you may need to play it on your computer on a third-party software, and re-direct the incoming sound to TS5… pretty much like your “own” soundboard.

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What about the overlay?

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That’s the only thing I’ve seen at the moment.


This is my “own” soundboard. A plugin.

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According to the feedback thread in the legacy forum, TeamSpeak would “like to provide a minimalistic cross-platform solution … but not with the initial release” and will “still support Overwolf & we plan to integrate an own Overlay (but that one follows later).”. I don’t know how up-to-date these information are.

If you have a look at in the category “Intelligent Interface” under the 4th bullet point you can see a mock-up of an overlay.


Good idea I think

Oof. Some one already made a topic


I head that at some point they will implement it, but first I think they will finish all the missing features of TS5 that already exist on TS3.


HI, Team-speak 5 is a pretty big window is there away to resize it so you only see the channels, or is that configuration in the works, I have searched and searched and there is no discussion on this subject, this defiantly limits multitasking, if i slim down the view i either see the left panel on the top or the right panel and the channels are covered. thanks {FWE}Ontime

what about plugins are they also comming to teamspeak 5 ?

Yes, the plug-in sdk is part of the roadmap, so they are working on it. Eventually it will come.


I dont wanna open the same topic again, but ask what is the actual developement of game overlays and plugins for TS5?