TeamSpeak 5 - Push to Talk issue on Wayland (Linux Ubuntu)

Hi All,

I would like to report that on Linux Ubuntu running the default Wayland display server protocol has no system permissions to use push to talk outside of the window being focused.

This is a regular behaviour from wayland, as it is a safety measure against keyloggers and numerous other things.

Currently the only workarounds are to either use voice activation, or switch over to Xorg instead of Wayland on the login screen.

Are there any plans from the TeamSpeak staff to collaborate on a push to talk api for Wayland developers? I think that it is important to have it futureproofed, as Wayland has taken over as the default communication protocol on Linux Ubuntu.

As an - admittedly horrible - workaround you can create your own remote app that listens to wayland compatible global hotkeys and requests the PTT via the remote app socket.

You can find the docs by going to Settings -> Remote Apps -> [i] in the client.

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