Teamspeak 5 server moderation

Hey there;
me and my buddies who have tested TS5 all came to the same conclusion; TS5 is great for users but terrible for server owners, administrators, and moderation.

On our nonprofit server we have etablished a moderation system around 3 major roles:

Supporters who will deal with general user realated conflics who can ban and kick people that don’t obey to our server rules
Moderator, who deal with major user related problems and supporter related problems (for example if there was a misunderstanding an unbanning is needed or as a neutral judge if needed
Administrators who deal with all the server related problems and problems related to the server team.

so here’s the problem: in TS5 it’s rather complicated to set up a permission system, for now using the permission system of TS3 is fine and we can make changes over the TS3 client, but for the future we really need a way to change permissions in TS5 itself

another problem is unbanning in TS5, there’s just no way of undoing a ban over the TS5 client that i know of. That’s a crusial feature for smaller public servers like ours. I get that the private servers the beta comes with woundn’t benefit it as much as we would but even they will need it sooner or later and if you’d aks me we’ll need it as soon as possible.

and finally on an not moderation related note, can we please have autoconnect back? I’ve closed my TS5 client for the majority of the time i’ve been using it just to have my servers on the quick dial on the servers and chats bar. and additionally I had multiple servers in autoconnect on TS3 to be available to friends who were on other servers when I’m online

that were my thought on what could need some focus in the future of TS5, i didn’t see these thing in roadmaps or on previous forum post but I think they still need to be adressed.


First let me summarize your ideas / wishes:

  • permission system
  • banlist
  • autoconnect


They are actually on their way to the new client, just be a little patient.


I could actually not find anything about this on the roadmap but I guess they are working on it.(?)


I know this was asked in the forum already I couldn’t find any official statement though.

For anything else please have a look at the roadmap.


As Gamer92000 says, permissions are coming, along with more of the moderation features you ask for. Thanks for the feedback on autoconnect - will discuss this with the team!