Teamspeak 5 Will the old server support it?

So Teamspeak Will it support the servers we log in with?
So: Teamspeak 3.1.10 the server we entered with the version?

Please Update your server to the newest version.

You could try it

Oder Versions are not supported

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We are not supporting or giving any guarantee for such outdated version.


thanks you.
What will teamspeak server prices be? can we buy from here?

We do not sell servers.

We only sell licenses for those who want to host their own commercial server or a server with less limitations.

You want a server? Here is a list with all authorized hosting companies.


Teamspeak servers do not differ between TS3 and TS5, they only need to be up to date.

With server 3.1.10 you’re really outdated and should consider updating to the current version (3.13.6).

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