Teamspeak 5 | Wini | issue

Hey, I signed up at with my My Teamspeak account about 3 months ago. I’ve been waiting for ages and check every hour whether I already have access to the new Teamspeak 5, but this is not the case. I wanted to ask why because a friend of mine registered there 3 days ago and already has Teamspeak 5 and I registered there about 3 months ago and still have no code. I hope I can somehow get some code so that I can also use the new version of Teamspeak. If anyone still has one left, please write to me.
Sincerely, Wini :grinning:

Ps: That’s right, isn’t it? It has been looking like this for about 3 months
Screenshot by Lightshot

This thread answers all your questions about the TS5 Closed Beta, read carefully.

Maybe we can meet at a teamspeak and discuss it in detail, because I can’t really do much with the message you sent me if I’m honest. If you can come to Can you speak German?

What don’t you understand?

The whole message. I would like to have Teamspeak 5 and I’ve already described my problem, although a friend of mine registered on about 2 weeks ago and I signed up about 3 months ago, and I still don’t have Teamspeak 5 have. In this text it is also said that whoever logs in first gets a code and that’s a bit of my problem.

We haven’t sent a wave since Wednesday so we haven’t unlocked any accesses in this period of time. The link @SYOX sent you is all of the most up to date information surrounding beta access at this time.