Teamspeak accessibility issues

Hi there,

I am a blind person who would really like to use Team speak, but due to accessibility issues, I could not use it to it’s full potential or bring people up to my server.

It makes me sad that I can’t use it to it’s full potential as it’s an amazing service and if it were not for the accessibility issues, I’d go there and bring my friends in a heartbeat.

below, I will talk about the different issues I face.

Firstly, context menus, they will sometimes work with my screen reader but sometimes when I press shift f10 the menu isn’t read out at all.

Secondly, chat history is inaccessible.

Thirdly, you can get stuck in the chat box and have to use shift tab.

Another issue is that the tree view isn’t spoken by the screen reader so you have to use the arrows to move around.

If these issues could be fixed I’d be very grateful.

P.s. one last issue is the license agreement, it lags and crashes the screen reader.


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