Teamspeak App wont start

I just realised that i own the Test-Badge and can download the client at
So i thought i can use Teamspeak 5 Beta now.
I downloaded the Client but it wont start. Why?

Please help!

Best regards

Hi Matt,

did you run it as Admin or did a Anti Virus Programm delete/blocked it.
You can try look up if it is installed in the wished Directory,
default Directory: C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak.


I tried running it as admin and it didnt helped aswell.
No Anti Virus Programm is blocking it.

Are you using a 64 bit Windows or what (you gave 0 details here)?

Should be at least be a win 8.1 - 10 (64 bit) with latest stable updates that you use and make sure drivers are up to date.


I am using Windows 10 64-bit with the current Update.
Everything works fine and is up to date. Only Teamspeak 5 Beta isnt starting. Teamspeak 3 works fine too.

I have no clue what it could be.

You have any special username on Windows or is there a related error in Windows Event Viewer?


My username in Windows is simply “Memo”. No error at all. It isnt event showing in the taskmanager or something…

you probably tried to reinstall it or ?

I reinstalled it like 3 times. This time i also deleted the folder manually and it worked now.

Thanks all!

There is not even an Event in the Event viewer :worried: ?
I have no idea then what else i could ask or advice.

Tried to install it on Desktop?


i am also bit irritated :sweat_smile:, probably it was a corrupt file or something like that.
But at least it runs, have fun testing :wink:

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