Teamspeak as Intercom system for video production

Hello, I’m going to use Teamspeak as intercom and I have a few questions about that.

  1. Is it possible to listen multiple channels and talking to multiple channels?
  2. It is possible to change channels that user actually listening or talking by python script? For example: I have 3 channels and script that manages my user. Can script unmute me on channels 2, 3 and start listening on channels 1, 2 and when I click the button, script mutes me on channel 3 and disable listening on channel 2(script has to be launched on server, and clients will be on android).
  1. You can listen to multiple channels just by connecting again and again until you are in every desired channel. To talk to multiple channels you can just use the whisper function and select the channels you wanna listen to.

  2. You could use bots, that remove the talk power of these users, but I’m not sure if this will help you.

(You can only whisper and connect multiple times on PC. Also the Bitrate of the mobile apps are not that great even if you are using a high end mic, it would sound a lot better on desktop.)

Could you provide me example of using that bot?

Unfortunately not. I was just referring to a possible solution for your problem, but I don’t have a bot on hand that can do this.

You would need to find someone who is able to create/develope this bot.

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Thanks. I have one more question: is it possible to set one channel to be able to listen to another?

Only if everyone of channel A is also connected twice to channel B.

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