TeamSpeak Badge don't show up

Hello everyone,

Since few weeks i can’t see my badge on some teamspeak servers i can’t understand why other player got it and i can see them fine but mine don’t show up :confused:

but when i go on my teamspeak server i can see them but only on my server not on others is this a bug ? (this server is a free 10 slots server provided by teamspeak)

Have you got a solution to fix this ?

Make sure …
… server and client is up to date.
… you are logged in your account.
… Badge(s) is set.
… Send “myTeamSpeak ID” is enabled in your bookmark.


Thanks a lot @Rikku it was “myTeamSpeak ID” in my bookmark


Nice to hear, that the Problem is solved. :slight_smile:

Welcome to TeamSpeak :heart:


Thanks a lot :smiley: i use teamspeak since TeamSpeak 2 beford haha ^^ but since i seen there was badge i did start to try to grab them hehe but i just notice there was a forum there :slight_smile:

I used it TeamSpeak 2 too. Yeah there where a old forum but is read only. :smiley:

If you have other Questions, feel free to ask.

You are welcome here. :slight_smile: