Teamspeak Badges aren't shown


so for almost 2 Years now, i have a Problem that my Teamspeak Badges aren’t shown next to my Name even though i have them selected.
When i Click on my name, my Badges are shown under: active Badges but not next to my name.
On every other Server it works and for other People on that same Server, with the same Server Groups it works as well. I figured it may be because of any Plugins or else i have installed so i deleted everything i have and it still didnt work. I tried everything i can think of and also searched on Google but couldn’t find anything that really helps me to fix that. Maybe you guys can help me out ?

heres a Picture of what i mean: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Have you enabled MyTeamspeak features in your Bookmarks?


Clear your cache so that the badges are reloaded. Maybe they will be shown then.

it seems that this was the problem, it works now thanks very much guys!

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yea clear cache mate