Teamspeak Ban Bypass

I have no clue if this problem is going to be solved, but most people that I know are aware and have been spreading a bug where you can bypass a Teamspeak server ban. I don’t wanna specify too much, but simply changing where Teamspeak retrieves your product ID, your public ip address and identity is enough to bypass a ban. Will this problem be solved for Teamspeak 5?

I’ve noticed that you can now connect to servers with the option of sending your MyTeamspeak ID. Even if that is enforced and their MyTS ID is banned from the server, can’t they just create a new account? I was wondering if you were gonna enforce a different type of ban like an HWID server ban instead of what the current system is now!

I don’t think that this problem will be solved. U can create anty-vpn bot that will block all traffic via vpn. U can also setup ur server to let the people join only while using myTeamSpeak account. Maybe teamspeak team will do something special, but that’s not confirmed.

I don’t think an Anti-VPN bot would solve that too because some people have a dynamic IP address where they simply shut off their router and turn it back on. Sometimes peoples IP reset over night and they can just come back the next day. I’d like to say most people are dynamic and have their IP reset over night but I’m not too sure what the stats are.

Also, I’ve never heard of this where you can set it where people can only join using a myTeamSpeak account. Where is this option?

In the TeamSpeak server, you can create a special ban entry which bans all users with an empty myTeamSpeak ID.

This is rather a side affect of the myTeamSpeak ID ban feature than an actual well-designed feature and the TeamSpeak 3 client ban dialog doesn’t even support it. You have to do this via the server’s query interface, if I remember correctly.

That’s probably why you never heard of it.

Regarding evading IP bans: IP addresses have never been a particularly good property to base blocking mechanisms on since they are way too easy to change, unless you go for region or ISP blocking by blocking entire subnets. But with more and more affordable and easy to use VPN services being available, you basically have to block out anyone who cares about privacy and uses VPN for legitimate reasons.

In the end, it’s all about patience. At some point, the attacker will eventually give up.


Alright, I just wondered if any further advancements would happen to their current system. You can always set server passwords, modify permissions, etc.