Teamspeak Beta Client close to tray missing?

Hi, am I just blind or is it not a feature in the new teamspeak client?

Remember this is a closed beta test version you are running. It´s not implemented yet :slight_smile:


We have a small development team so a lot of the quality of life changes have not yet been implemented, this is primarily because the devs are working on larger features, but they’ll get to it as soon as they can.

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Take your time guys we need the new client to be amazing <3


I mean, the icons, permissions system, and several other things aren’t there yet. And that’s ok.
I understood this was a beta from the beginning, and I’m HONORED to be a part of your small team’s efforts. I HATE disco…(errr the other popular but annoying voip/irc) so I cannot WAIT to push everyone in my clan BACK to Teamspeak. I still use TS3, still have a server and VERY much appreciate everything you’re doing regarding backwards compatibility and the lot. THANK YOU, to the devs for all your hard work!

Kind Regards,
a loyal OG TS (since TS1) user.