Teamspeak beta permissions visual and other stuffs

HI , it’s not a bug but something that disturbing me, when I go to see the right or permission on someone connected we can’t see it properly ,

here a screenshot I hope you see what I mean, I know it’s still a beta and there gonna be some change in the final version release.

I use it as a client, does a version of the server is use somewhere ? ( a list of beta server or where we can connect with beta client user so we can test the new feature ) .

does this version of teamspeak server will have restriction (like the other version feature blocked by the owner who rent the server ) I rent a server for slot, but the owner make us paid for some features like bot or if we want to use specific addon, I understand the bill for slot but other feature like query, bot. I hope it’s gonna be like discord server ( sorry but for this instant the beta version look like discord even if you change the theme ). I prefer paying teamspeak than a tierce provider of slot.

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There is no TS5 Server, it’s just a new client and connects to any up to date TS3 Server.

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Ok thx for the replie, so a list of ts3 server where beta user are so we can see how the feature work betwen beta user.

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The beta users are distributed along all Teamspeak servers worldwide, there is no list, neither there is exclusive TS-5_member server.

Please next time format the sentence better, it was hard to understand its meaning without subjects.

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Sorry for my bad english and sentence, I 'm french