Teamspeak beta

functions that can be used kik speak NOT band you can move people do not edit channels it is not always stable back to ts3 you can not change icons yet our little buggy yes you don’t disconnect to moths as you do with ts3 bot it is not a final product moderation needed talk power work sometimes but not always, create channel put it all the way to the bottom of the teamspeak.

What exactly do you want to tell us?

That’s indeed the case.

Of course you can edit channels, click on any channel and select the pen or right click on a channel and select Edit.

I personally can not judge, because it works fine for me, but what I can say: It’s currently still the closed beta, where not everything works perfectly.

This can actually be the case. You can definitely remove icons, but as far as I know, not as you said set another / new one.

I am not aware of any problems with channel moderation.

If you click Create Channel at the bottom left under the server tree, you can choose to create your channel at the top or the bottom.

If I misunderstood you somewhere, you are welcome to explain in more detail what you mean.

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it is comperesen to ts3 som of the tings are not transfer over from ts5 to ts3