TeamSpeak Bot Permission

Hello Community,

Last night I got the idea that something could be changed in Teamspeak’s rights system.

How about adding bot rights to the rights’ system? Where you can set up and assign your own rights for your works via the API or the server query.

So no rights that are cross-server but allow functions such as downloading YouTube videos or playing TTS messages.

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Hello, I think the Idea for downloading Youtube Videos would be not possible because of Copyright. Another thing is that why you want to add some “bot rights” ?

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I think you can add custom db info to users, but not sure if this would help you in this case.

To download YouTube Videos was an Example.

My Idea was to add some Custom Permission Tabs…
I try to make an example…

I have now worked out my idea as a document. Maybe you understand me now.

Because i cannot Upload files here, i used my Server for that:

Open Document

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I really like the idea of custom permissions for 3rd party systems, like bots.
However TeamSpeak does not officially support bots, any other non TeamSpeak clients, etc.
So as long as there is no official bot API like e.g. Discord, Telegram or Threema have them, there is no need for such custom permissions, at least from TeamSpeak’s business pov.

The only option probably is a Plugin. Someone or you can write a Plugin that does it because of the whole Teamspeak thing.

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That is an option to, but then it is not official and my idea was to integrate this function on the server side.
And another thing, is that at the moment only an SDK for the Ts3 Client exits.

Yes sadly, TeamSpeak could try new things. The Ts5 Client is 10/10 Stars, but 11/10 are better :slight_smile:

Bots are most often implemented using the serverquery or using a library and act like a regular voice client. Both can be limited using the existing permission system. If you want to influence a specific aspect of a bot, you need to rely on the settings of the bot itself

I know how Server query works or how bots play music by Emulating a Microphone and the Client. This is only an Idea that will make the work for us easier.