TeamSpeak Client 3 and 5 beta Hotkeys on macOS


Hotkeys in TeamSpeak Client v3 and v5-beta for macOS work for me, but they don’t work in certain scenarios. In both clients i got the same behaviour.

2 examples:

  • Setup F2 as Hotkey (for whatever…PTT) → hotkey works as intended when pressing F2, but triggers as well when pressing the physical F2 button but with it’s other function “increase display brightness”. you can set the keyboard up to have F2 beeing the default behaviour of the physical button and need to press the FN key and F2 to increase display brightness. And you can set it up the other way around. in both cases Teamspeak clients hotkey (F2) is triggered.
  • Trying to map a hotkey with Synergy or Barrier (which shares your keyboard mouse with multiple PCs) doesn’t work at all. It simply completely ignores every keystroke I make…except ESC, which quits the process to select a hotkey. this is very unexpected because it works as intended for guilded, discrod and every other app i use in that setup.

it seems that the underlying implementation of hotkeys (on mac) is the root of the problem. I guess teamspeak doesn’t actually map to the F2 command but instead to the actual hardware key on the very keyboard it is pressed on. which results in unexpected behaviour (example 1) and not working at all (example 2).

Is there a way to circumvent this limitation? especially getting it to work with synergy/barrier would be great.

Is this going to be something you are keeping as is, or do you intend to fix this?

Kind Regards & Thx for your time

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