Teamspeak client and teamspeak website are broken

Hello, I have been using teamspeak for a few weeks now and me and my friends have been hearing static in our mics that we dont in discord. We turn off background noise etc but it still continues. But when I try to find a fix I see on the search section teamspeak static in my mic. Its a forum thread so I click on it but then it just puts me on the normal ts website instead of the actual ■■■■■■■ thread and I cant even search for it like wtf type of ■■■■ is this I just want to fix something not search for something for 30 mins

Hello Hanzlah,

This is because Google still shows threads from the old forum, as long as they are still in the Google search cache you will only find threads from the old one.
It may still take a while until Google list threads from the new forum.


@Hanzlah Hello, one of the issues you could have due to the statistic is your “Quality” of the specific channels you are in.

The reason you can change this is some people use them for music, Gaming etc. The best “quality” setting to have your channel on for general voice is “6”.

To access this you need to right click on the channel and edit, it will be either a movable bar or a drop down with the quality figure.

Hope this helps