Teamspeak client can't connect to myTeamSpeak after applying a badge

When i activated the latest badge in teamspeak 5 client the badges was deleted all in client (ts5/ts3) only on website i see the badges but the new badge not there.
Video from the bug

edit: We are looking into it.

There is a warning showing in the TS3 client. Your clients could not connect to our services and are now in offline mode. That’s why the badges aren’t showing up in client and also sync etc. Will not work.

Please show us the client log from TS3 client.

Just start the client and wait some seconds.
Then close it.

Open this on your Explorer %AppData%\TS3Client\logs
Post the content of last log.


The issue is fixed.


Thank you! Its fixed. I didn’t saw the messages when u wrote.

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