Teamspeak client losing connection to server after seconds and other issues

iam a new user of teamspeak after seconds of connecting to a server i get disconnected and when it tries to automatically reconnect it says connection failed (a vpn fixed the problem temporarily then but it is still present team speak is impossible to use without a vpn) but it works greatly on a friends pc who uses the same isp as i do also every time i try to log in it says login failed please try again later
please help as the client is compeletly broken on my pc

What did you try to do?
It seems the problem is your connection. Maybe a weird firewall rule, some network limitations on your router or on your pc, because if it works with a vpn, the problem is your connection. Did you try with another device?

i tried a different device same problem but when i used my mobile data instead of the wife with my pc the problem went away so yes
the problem is the connection or network limitations but i dont know how to fix it already tried disabling my router firewall and the pc firewall
any idea what to do?

do you have this issue on every server or only on a specific one?
If it’s only one, is it yours?

on all servers i try to join and no the server is not mine