Teamspeak close when i run a game

When i launch games like ark or conan exiles teamspeak close just close without a error code or a freeze.
but when i start league of legends nothing happend ts3 is still running without problems i dont know what i can do.

Sry for my bad englisch and i hope u can help me. thx :c

I’m not sure why this happens on your system, but your hardware starts to delay a reply to the client.

Make sure you are using latest updates and drivers and you may try to run this test gain without virus protection enabled.
But please just for a short moment.

can u tell me what updates u mean? i have the nvidia game ready driver the newest. ts3 is new etc. and i dont have a virus protection cause i reset my pc cause this problem i have to reinstall the protection ^^

any error in the logs?

no. teamspeak just close and when i rejoin my name have a 1 after name and the first join account have a conection lost after some seconds

in crashdump is nothing

in logs:

<-- normal opening

<-- when i start a game when teamspeak is active

sorry for the size. you can zoom the page to see everything. was my first time to upload screenshots with a program

You can try a Update of your Client Version. Your Version is out of date.

=== Client Release 3.5.3 - 07 May 2020

  • Fixed a client freeze
  • Fixed an issue that could reset a talking client’s AGC state
  • Fixed crashes reported by crashdumps

Maybe this will help you. :slight_smile:

i updated teamspeak but i have still the problem :confused:
I do not know how to continue

okay, i know the problem i tried something…
games with battle eye also when i launch then my teamspeak close without a error code or something else.

a example when i launch other games: Need for speed heat, League Of Legends, terraria, Valorant with there new anti cheat systeme… etc… etc… it all works

games with battle eye close my teamspeak anyone know what i can do?

and as info i tried the option with my Nvidia low latency mode on “on” and off" nothing happend and i have the newest version of the graphic card for my nvidia.
i set the ts3 exe allow to my firewall.
nothing of these helps.

maybe someone knows what I can do.

I have found that Battleye shutdown applications in the system tray.

What you can try:

  1. Right click your desktop -> Go to “NVIDIA Control Panel”
  2. Then go to “Manage 3D settings”
  3. Search for “Low-Latency Mode” and disable it if it’s on “On” or “Ultra”!
  4. Restart your pc

Otherwise open a ticket with BattlEye to make them aware.

i tried this last day that didnt change the bug.
can u tell me where i can write a ticket for battle eye? u dont mean here or also the teamspeak forum?

If TeamSpeak works with all other programs but not with BattleEye, then it will be a Battleeye problem. It’s best to write to Battleye support

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