Teamspeak close when i run a game

When i launch games like ark or conan exiles teamspeak close just close without a error code or a freeze.
but when i start league of legends nothing happend ts3 is still running without problems i dont know what i can do.

Sry for my bad englisch and i hope u can help me. thx :c

I’m not sure why this happens on your system, but your hardware starts to delay a reply to the client.

Make sure you are using latest updates and drivers and you may try to run this test gain without virus protection enabled.
But please just for a short moment.

can u tell me what updates u mean? i have the nvidia game ready driver the newest. ts3 is new etc. and i dont have a virus protection cause i reset my pc cause this problem i have to reinstall the protection ^^

any error in the logs?

no. teamspeak just close and when i rejoin my name have a 1 after name and the first join account have a conection lost after some seconds

Browse to %appdata%\TS3Client and take a look if you can find a crashdumps folder.
If something is in there, please upload the files and post a link in here.

Also interesting is the folder logs.
TeamSpeak creates a new log file when ever it’s opened up.

Just start TeamSpeak again, open up your game to crash TeamSpeak, restart TeamSpeak and close the app again manually.

Now head to the logs folder and upload the last 2 log files or to be sure to got the issue, the last 3.
(“the last 2 log files” - sort the files by name [Z-A 9-0] - descending)

in crashdump is nothing

in logs:

<-- normal opening

<-- when i start a game when teamspeak is active

sorry for the size. you can zoom the page to see everything. was my first time to upload screenshots with a program

You can try a Update of your Client Version. Your Version is out of date.

=== Client Release 3.5.3 - 07 May 2020

  • Fixed a client freeze
  • Fixed an issue that could reset a talking client’s AGC state
  • Fixed crashes reported by crashdumps

Maybe this will help you. :slight_smile:

i updated teamspeak but i have still the problem :confused:
I do not know how to continue

okay, i know the problem i tried something…
games with battle eye also when i launch then my teamspeak close without a error code or something else.

a example when i launch other games: Need for speed heat, League Of Legends, terraria, Valorant with there new anti cheat systeme… etc… etc… it all works

games with battle eye close my teamspeak anyone know what i can do?

and as info i tried the option with my Nvidia low latency mode on “on” and off" nothing happend and i have the newest version of the graphic card for my nvidia.
i set the ts3 exe allow to my firewall.
nothing of these helps.

maybe someone knows what I can do.

I have found that Battleye shutdown applications in the system tray.

What you can try:

  1. Right click your desktop -> Go to “NVIDIA Control Panel”
  2. Then go to “Manage 3D settings”
  3. Search for “Low-Latency Mode” and disable it if it’s on “On” or “Ultra”!
  4. Restart your pc

Otherwise open a ticket with BattlEye to make them aware.

i tried this last day that didnt change the bug.
can u tell me where i can write a ticket for battle eye? u dont mean here or also the teamspeak forum?

If TeamSpeak works with all other programs but not with BattleEye, then it will be a Battleeye problem. It’s best to write to Battleye support

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