TeamSpeak Development Status Update

I think there is still a lot to be done before the new TeamSpeak client goes into the open beta phase. Only when most of the feedback is positive does it become an open beta

I have a simple question that I asked about a year ago, why is it still not possible to minimize ts5 in the taskbar when you close ts5?

Bêta 27 in development.


we no longer have the channel commander option … neither on ts3 not on TS5 ??
could we have the possibility to delete with a button, the conversation, threads of discussion and chat rooms. thank you

well the problem is now that u cant resize the the window like before because the banner wont move it size like he did before…

I dunno how to explain this

Like in this post the images goes all the way from the left to the right side :slight_smile:

but now it looks like this :

or is there a solution ?

the 2 images should show what i mean

BTW for anyone interested - is indeed federating. It’s really just missing delegation, so when you configure the required SRV record in the DNS server your synapse uses it’s already working.

In unbound it’s something like this:

local-zone: typetransparent
        local-data: " 300 IN SRV 1337 1337 443"

Unfortunately that won’t work with me. I’m getting a federation denied.

teamspeak team could you give us the possibility of being able to open several instances of the TS5 client. thank you. -nosingleinstance option no longer works)


Hey, Is there any way to install 3.5.5 on Linux? I want to use the latest (latest latest, not stable :p) for my Music Bot. Main reason is because I wanna test if it’ll hold up.

No this Version is currently in Alpha.

Weird, I’ve seen alot of music bots, and just bots in general that are on 3.5.5, even some have this glitched out version, “3.?.?”.

The TS3 Audiobots are using a Fake Version with a real Version sign. Just use Google :slight_smile:

Example: [bot.connect]
client_version = { build = “3.5.5 [Build: 1555517253]”, client_version_sign

This is not a Topic to discuss here

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Will it be possible to update the trello



I’m very happy to say that with beta 27 I’m able to switch over from TS3 to TS5! Taskbar flashing works just as expected for both Pokes and Chats.

One thing that might not be expected by those coming from TS3 is that currently, server-based PMs don’t initiate taskbar flashing for TS5, even though both Chats for TS5 and server-based PMs for TS3 do. This is very easy to adjust to, however, since if someone needs my attention they can just poke me instead, so it’s not really a significant issue.

Thanks for all your hard work!


Hello, for me the option Push to talk do not work anymore since the last update. Bug or user error?

I can use push to talk on beta 27. It is in the Audio settings, under Capture. What do you see in the Capture area?

I set push to talk but it doesn’t work. The Mirco remains on continuous broadcast

You have set the Keybinding; you also need to set the option in Audio, as seen near the bottom here:

sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. I thank you

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No problem!

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