TeamSpeak DNS (same ip but send to different port)


I tryed to find this information but seems that i failed. Sorry if there is such information and i have created a new topic about this :slight_smile:

My question is:

If anyone have any ideea if its possible to have 1 IP and 2 teamspeaks with different ports BUT how i can create this DNS to connect on the server without writing the port after DNS .

Example: - default port - and here to connect without writing the port.

"Disclaimer to my answer: I’m not a network pro, so maybe Google’s answer is much better than mine :wink: "

Add ts and ts2 as SRV entry and use 2 different ports. That should be enough to what you want to archive.


When i try to add them as SRV i have to point them “write the target as domain” , any ideea ?

Take a look at this printscreen from DNS Manager zone Screenshot by Lightshot

Enter the target Domain and not an IP. Error is clear there.

Then create a second entry with same Domain as target but with different port.