Teamspeak DNS without TLD

Hello everyone,

I couldn’t find anything with the search, so I’ll ask my question.

Recently I came across a Teamspeak server that does not have a top-level domain in its domain name.

So no my-domain.tld but my-domain.

How is that even possible? How can you realize this on your Teamspeak server?

This contradicts everything I know about domains. I thought that no name resolution is possible without a TLD.
I also could not find any information about this topic.

Can someone please enlighten me?
Thank you!

Many greetings

This is not a domain but a TeamSpeak nickname which can be set up on Server Nickname in your myTeamSpeak account for a TeamSpeak server.

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Just to give a little bit more details…

The TSDNS service TeamSpeak uses basically is a similar version of a common DNS service.

Instead of storing ressource records it’s basically storing your TSDNS name aka. server nickname and it’s IP address and port.

The system does not require to use FQDN as hostnames in any record since it’s a simplified lookup database.
The primary key or index of this database is the server nickname you can choose.
That means the server nickname is an unique value and can’t exist a second time.

By connecting to a server the TeamSpeak app will contact the TSDNS API to check if the database contains the entered value for the server address.
If this lookup will fail it will as next try to resolve the server address using the global DNS system.
This will fail too, of course if you try to connect using a server nickname.
(non-FQDN can’t be resolved)

The whole process of resolving any value you’re using as server address just follows the same sequence over and over again. This can take a while sometimes if any DNS service is slowly at this moment.


Using the IP address to connect to a server is always the fastest way.

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Thank you for the very detailed explanation.
So it makes sense to me.

Thank you and best wishes.

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