Teamspeak DNS without TLD

Hello everyone,

I couldn’t find anything with the search, so I’ll ask my question.

Recently I came across a Teamspeak server that does not have a top-level domain in its domain name.

So no my-domain.tld but my-domain.

How is that even possible? How can you realize this on your Teamspeak server?

This contradicts everything I know about domains. I thought that no name resolution is possible without a TLD.
I also could not find any information about this topic.

Can someone please enlighten me?
Thank you!

Many greetings

This is not a domain but a TeamSpeak nickname which can be set up on Server Nickname in your myTeamSpeak account for a TeamSpeak server.

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Thank you for the very detailed explanation.
So it makes sense to me.

Thank you and best wishes.

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