Teamspeak doesn't do enough


teamspeak doesn’t do enough i don’t want to have but even discord can do more in a month than you and discord is smaller with workers and why you use a little coode of discord to make teasmpeak since you are so lazy and teamspeak not in an open beta to make defense we have the gas says teamspeak 5 has to go into a cosed beat teamspeak 5 can also simply be an open beta. and you only bring out bug fixes and no new features, nothing and even that works for a long time, so please don’t take a vacation!

Discord: Currently, we have more than 275 employees and are based in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill.

Teamspeak: TeamSpeak 5 bas been under active development since April 2018. We currently employ between 10 and 15 developers, which are working on our several products and services.

That is a big gab in count of Developers

Next time prove your satements!


Teamspeak has not so many Employees like Discord. The Beta version
is not fully released, that’s why there are so many bugs that
can be reported in the Forum Section. The other thing is that Teamspeak is definitely trying to improve the Client. And if you are feeling upset over Teamspeak 5 just don’t use it ;*).


I doubt TeamSpeak is lazy, as they release weekly updates specifically for TeamSpeak (5). That means they are always working on it.

It simly can not be an open beta since it’s not yet ready for it.

You are partly right, but there is also the following reason. Imagine TeamSpeak (5) is in open beta and full of bugs that need to be fixed. Would you be happy with that?

Vacation? If you don’t like their work or it’s too slow for you, I have to be honest and say that you don’t need to use it.

Anyway, what I can recommend is to be patient and inform yourself first.