Teamspeak Dynamic Banner

Hello Teamspeakleeers :slight_smile:

Im the owner from a growing Community and we would like to have a dynamic banner… But. Actually we just dont no how, the stuff on youtube is very old and many time outdated.

Is there an option for a easy and beginnerfriendly setup? We got a ts server and webspace i think this is everythink what we need…

Maybe they are hoster who host dynamic banners?

Im looking forward for some help :slight_smile:

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Go to

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Hey @lukes1337 ,

I’ve published in March 2023 a TeamSpeak Dynamic Banner project on GitHub: GitHub - Sebbo94BY/teamspeak-dynamic-banner: Show your TeamSpeak clients one or multiple dynamic banner images.

It’s OpenSource, so free of charge and everyone can host his own instance of it. :slight_smile:

  • It’s a web application, so can simply use the web interface to configure everything
  • Add one or more TeamSpeak server as data source (e. g. get “total clients online count” or “client nickname”)
  • Upload one or more templates (images, where you want to write text dynamically on it)
  • Create one or more banners, which can have one or more templates (you can also use the same uploaded template multiple times in the same banner for example)

You can find the detailed installation instructions here:

There is of course also a documentation for updating it later:

If you have any questions, feature requests or issues, let me know it. :slight_smile: