TeamSpeak Free Server maintenance

We’ll be doing some routine maintenance on the free servers on Tuesday 21st, 10 am - 11 am GMT (11-12 CET).

During this period, you may be disconnected from your free server temporarily as we apply upgrades. We’ll roll the update out in waves, and downtime is likely to be a few minutes.

This shouldn’t affect anyone creating a new server, and please note that chat, the beta and all the rest of our systems are unaffected.

No action is required on your part.

We’ll update the post during the maintenance process.

Update Log

10:00am - starting!
10:10am - update process happening…
10:29am - running a little behind, but hoping to catch up!
10:48am - hoping we just make it, almost there…
10:56am - finished!

All done! Thanks for your patience!


Thanks for the update!


There’ll be a short maintenance period for software upgrades between 1200 - 1300 GMT. During this time we won’t accept requests for new servers, but existing servers will be unaffected. We’re upgrading our internal services rather than the TeamSpeak servers themselves.

If you go to create a new server and see a maintenance message, please try again a little later. As usual, we’ll update the thread with news, and thanks for your patience!

Update Log

12:00 - starting
12:24 - replacing the scariest part first…
12:33 - doing second half…
12:40 - seems we’re mostly okay, but troubleshooting one issue…
13:00 - definitely going to slightly overrun - apologies! hopefully not much…
14:00 - still troubleshooting one issue! Infrastructure still up, but no new servers until we can 100% resolve this one!

Done! Thanks to everyone involved, we’re now going to lie down in a dark room!



There will be a maintenance period on Wednesday the 26th February from 0700 - 1100 GMT. During this period, we will shut off all free servers for infrastructure upgrades, and we won’t accept requests for new servers. This is partly internal upgrades, and partly to deploy new services in preparation for the future.

Hopefully, after this time all the servers will be restored as they were. You don’t need to take any action, and, as usual, we’ll keep this thread updated with information!

Thanks for your patience!

Update Log
07:20 - preparation
07:50 - starting to bring services down, expect to be kicked shortly (sorry!)
08:30 - backups made, starting new rollout. this will be the tricky bit
09:00 - buzzing along, will spare you all the gory technical details…
10:00 - hit a bit of a firewall issue that’s stalled progress. will update with new ETA
10:30 - definitely won’t be 11am, rough guess is 1300.
11:00 - ok, the train is back on the tracks? has left the station? insert your own train analogy here
11:30 - we’re on the train :cactus: - progress much better now!
12:20 - struggling to relate this to trains. in the final stretch with luck (cross fingers)
12:30 - you may see servers flapping ; don’t be alarmed
13:30 - still not quite there. restores are slower than we’d like…
13:50 - MOSTLY but not completely back, stay tuned…
14:00 ish - done!

Sorry that took longer than expected, and thanks for holding on with us!


The train will never come I think :cactus:



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The free servers are online again, thanks :ok_hand:


Work fine now… tx…


There will be a small maintenance period tomorrow to update some internal firmware, from 9am-1pm GMT. We don’t anticipate any major outages, but there may be small interruptions to connectivity. Your server will be unharmed unless it misbehaves.

We’ll go into maintenance mode, so new server orders will be temporarily suspended while this takes place. We’d hope to have this done much faster than promised ; as usual, we’ll update the thread with progress!

Update Log
09:00 : started! sorry for forgetting to update! will check with our tech team for progress news
10:00 : looking good, doing final tests

All done!


There will be a small maintenance period tomorrow morning (8am-10am GMT), to update some of our infrastructure. Your servers and external connectivity will be unaffected ; we’ll just put new server orders on hold. I’ll update this thread with news for those of you who like technical details.

As usual, no action required, this is just for information!
Update Log
08:00 : starting with the most scary part and working inside-out…
08:15 : that was too easy(!), onto the second half. I don’t like it when it’s that easy…
08:30 : i think maybe we’re done? give us 5 minutes to lie down and then we’ll say

Done! Ahead of schedule! We did it!


seems great !

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There will be a small maintenance period tomorrow morning (7am-8am GMT) to update the TeamSpeak server image we use. This is a fairly minor update to fix a couple of issues with certain serverquery commands.

All the servers will be stopped and restarted, so you’ll temporarily lose connection - if it doesn’t automatically connect you, please reconnect manually.

No action is required and we hope to have everything back up and running pretty quickly. Thanks for your patience!

Update Log
0700 - commencing final checks + coffee preparation
0710 - about to update first node
0720 - first node seems fine, preparing for the rest…
0725 - here comes the flood!
0730 - upgrades mostly done but servers are still spooling up (this is normal). some are ready
0735 - everything seems back!

Maintenance complete


There will be a small maintenance period on Monday morning (9am-10am UTC+1) to patch and reboot some of our back-end infrastructure. This shouldn’t affect your hosted servers. There’s a good chance this takes far less than an hour (if we didn’t just tempt luck) - will update as normal.

Update Log
0900: Done :slight_smile:

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