TeamSpeak invite page (Feedback Please :D )

I created a little invite page for ts3 Servers:

If you want to use it, change it your welcome to, now I am looking for feedback to make it eaven better :D.

In the future I would like to add a live online counter. Feel free to suggest other features

it is fully configurable using env variables



I just can’t get over the fact that this entire repo could have been a single html file.

Why would anyone want to run an entire docker image just for a simple static page is beyond me.

Now I understand you want to extend the functionality in the future, but still, isn’t this a bit excessive?

Other than that, I guess, it looks fine.

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Now you can see how many people are online!

All the number is updated every 2 seconds and the max users are set automatically

PS: I am still open for feedback, is there something else you want?


I like it a lot, will eventually fork your repo and set it up myself for inviting friends to my server, when I get time time do so :wink::ok_hand:

Some additional ideas:
You could add a small description of the server in case someone wants to use this in a more public way on their website alongside with more detailed information like uptime and creation date.
An automatic ping to the server and displaying that ping together with a little country flag would also be cool :smiley:

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